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Shouldn't all couples match?

I need more excuses to wear my vintage crinolines after all, don't I? I was lying in bed this morning, because for some reason I woke up at 6am, trying to convince myself there was absolutely no reason whatsoever that I should be awake and that I needed to go back to sleep, but my brain wouldn't cooperate, and instead it went off on costuming tangents. Why shouldn't the husband and I have matching outfits? (That's how a lot of my outfits begin, actually.)

I still have oodles of the brocade from which I made my husband's tailcoat.

I treated myself to this corset as a Christmas present to myself, as well as swooping up a tophat from cupcake_goth's last wardrobe culling sale. The stripes on the corset are a bit darker than the brocade but it was close enough, I decided.

Started cutting out the pattern before church this morning, and finished sewing the skirt at about 6pm this evening. Paired with the corset and the vintage crinoline I bought last year, and voila!

champagne brocade suit front

champagne brocade suit back

I still haven't finalized the decoration for pinning back the front of the skirt yet. I've got some trim bows pinned in place for now, but may change my mind after a trip to the store this week. Will still also be making headbands for both our tophats as well. Oh, and by the way:

einstein"s needle

Frocking the Husband

I promised the husband a tailcoat. Silly me! I had planned on using Butterick 3648, but when I went to go cut out the pattern pieces for the jacket, I realized I only had it in the XS/S/M size. The husband has a 42" chest. I'm guessing I bought the smaller size because I was thinking about doing Victorian drag at some point. The pattern is out of print, of course! I made a trip to the store, and the only tailcoat pattern I could find is a silly costume-y one for Uncle Sam, but I worked with it, added lining, and actually came out with a piece that made both of us happy.

champagne tails back

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I was sitting on the sofa working on my newest piece and I just leaned it up against the back of the sofa and opened the solid curtains behind it. The sheers diffused the morning light. No touching was done in in photoshop - this is the raw shot.

Purple and Black Lace Parasol by *dbvictoria on deviantART

Purple Laced Black Parasol with Spiderwebs

Click on the picture to go to the item listing in my ArtFire shop:

Have a safe and happy New Year's!

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purple spiderweb parasol

purple spiderweb parasol by dbvictoria36
purple spiderweb parasol, a photo by dbvictoria36 on Flickr.

Newest parasol, black, with overlay of purple sheer fabric with a silver spiderweb pattern, accented with purple ribbon, black Venice lace, and sequined trim. The purple doesn't come through properly in the picture - it's a deep royal shade, not thelavender shown here. Sold practically the moment I posted a picture to Facebook!

The Ice Qeen's Wedding

A piece whose design has been percolating in the back of the brain for some time now finally came together last night, and this was the result, old and new crystal, opalized and clear glass:

The Ice Queen"s Wedding

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